The Democratic National Convention released a video on Tuesday that mocks former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for dodging questions and flip flopping within a 24-hour timespan.

The video juxtaposes clips of Romney from Monday night's Republican debate with clips from a Tuesday morning press conference in Florence, South Carolina.

During the debate, he said he would "like to see Super PACs disappear." But on Tuesday morning, he said that he supported and encouraged Super PACs.

At the debate, he also dodged a question about his tax returns. On Tuesday, he admitted that he paid an effective rate of only around 15 percent, a much lower rate than many middle-class Americans.

The DNC has targeted Romney since October, seeing him as the most likely Republican nominee for President of the United States. They have released numerous videos and even a website that highlight Romney's many political alterations throughout the years.

Watch the video, uploaded to YouTube, below: