Hundreds of protesters lined the stairway in the rotunda of the Iowa state capitol on Tuesday after Gov. Terry Branstad delivered his Condition of the State address.

“We come here today to set the legislative agenda for 2012, and we’re here to send a message to 150 legislators and to Governor Branstad,” Barb Kalbach, a member of Iowan Citizens for Community Improvement, told Radio Iowa.

The protesters shouted “put people first” and then “where’s our jobs” as Branstad walked down the stairway after his address.

Earlier that morning, the Iowan Citizens for Community Improvement had tried to hand deliver a letter to Branstad's office, an annual event for the group. But they were locked out.

“Governor Culver [let us in] before that, Governor Vilsack did before that, it has not been a big deal,” said Kalbach. “We would stand there and read our letter... and that was that.”

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on January 10, 2011, below: