On her show Thursday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said that Indiana Republicans had picked a bad time to go to war with unions.

Indiana Republicans are pushing for a law that would prohibit union security clauses in union contracts, meaning non-union employees would benefit from collective bargaining agreements without paying union dues. Opponents of the law say it is allows employees to free load off the negotiations of unionized employees, without contributing anything.

Maddow suggested that with the Super Bowl coming to Indianapolis, the Republicans had chosen a bad time to push for union-busting legislation. The NFL Players Association, the union that represents football players, had been sympathetic to the pro-union protests in Wisconsin in 2011.

"The Indianapolis Colts have the worst record in football this year," she said. "They were so bad that people who usually hate them rooted for them out of feeling of mercy."

"That Indianapolis is hosting the Super Bowl a month from today is weird enough, given the Colts bad season," Maddow continued. "But if that Indianapolis Super Bowl is the site of a massive in the streets union protest this year, then mercy-shmercy for Indiana Republicans. America's most celebrated union members and a whole lot of national media are coming to town."

Watch video, courtesy of MSNBC, below:

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