SAN FRANCISCO — Online film and television show titan Netflix will make its original programming debut in February with "Lilyhammer," a "fish-out-of-water story" about a New York mobster starting anew in Norway.

Steven Van Zandt, a guitarist in Bruce Springsteen's famed E Street Band, stars as Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano, who enters a federal witness protection to be given a new identity after providing authorities, according to Netflix.

"I am very careful with my choices and this project was so exciting to me because of the wonderful writing, the rich characters and the fascinating culture of Norway," Van Zandt said in a release.

"Netflix is the perfect home for such a unique show," he added.

The first episode of the show, which is set in Lillehammer, Norway will be available for streaming beginning February 6 online by Netflix subscribers in Canada, Latin America, and the United States.

"A sports fan, Frank wants to make his new life in Lillehammer, the Norwegian town that hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics, or as he calls it 'Lilyhammer,' " Netflix said.

"Frank has visions of a paradise of 'clean air, fresh white snow and gorgeous broads' far away from the temptations of the Big Apple and from mob hit men," the California-based firm continued.

Events in the show, of course, turn out to be spectacularly different, Netflix promised.