"Occupy Wall Street" protester Jesse LaGreca told The Young Turks host Cenk Ugyur on Tuesday that he thought the movement should lobby lawmakers.

"I'm a political creature and in my vision Occupy Wall Street should be about changing laws, whether it is bringing back Glass-Steagall [Act], campaign finance reform or sane tax rate on the top tax bracket -- we need to change laws," he said.

Hundreds of protesters from the "Occupy" movement gathered outside the Capitol building on Tuesday to protest the economic and political consolidation of corporate power. Some protesters also entered congressional office buildings to try to meet with lawmakers.

“These guys are not used to dealing with regular people,” LaGreca noted, “and it kind of scares them a little bit. I think it’s a reality check."

"And it also occupies their time, because the more time that they have to spend talking to me, the less time they have to spend with lobbyists with big bags of money from ‘too big to fail’ banks and other industries.

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: