Failed Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin all but endorsed Newt Gingrich on Saturday, saying Florida voters should "rage against the machine, vote for Newt."

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro asked the former Alaska governor how Gingrich could claim that he was not a Washington insider after being in Congress for 20 years, including serving as the Speaker of the House.

"Look at the players in the establishment who are fighting so hard against him," Palin explained. "They want to crucify him because he's tapped into that average, everyday tea party grassroots movement that has said enough is enough of the establishment that tries to run the show and tweak rules and laws and regulations for for their own good, and not for our nation's own good. Well, when both party machines -- and many in the media -- are trying to crucify Newt Gingrich for bucking the tide, and bucking the establishment, that tells you something.

She added: "And I say, you know, you got to rage against the machine at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation. ... So, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for Newt. Annoy a liberal, vote Newt."

Even though polls show otherwise, Palin insisted that Gingrich was also the candidate that had the best chance at beating President Barack Obama in the general election.

"I think that comes down to who can articulate their ideas, their solutions best," she said. "And in a campaign, the way that you articulate that is in a debate. And I've appreciated, again, Newt Gingrich's, his style in debates, his thinking, his way of explaining what it is that he stands for. So I think that in a debate, Newt Gingrich would clobber Barack Obama."

Using violent rhetoric to describe how Gingrich would fair against Obama is nothing new for Fox News employees like Sarah Palin. Last week, Fox News host Steve Doocy claimed that Gingrich would "take off the head of the president" during a debate.

Watch this video from Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine, broadcast Jan. 28, 2012.

(H/T: Newsmax)