After not one, but two debates and a couple of weeks of candidates playing a game of "who can blow the hardest on the racist dog whistle?", we're finally reached the South Carolina primary. Honestly, in my mind, this is when it really starts. New Hampshire and Iowa aren't representative enough to matter.* South Carolina is totally a different ball game for Republicans. While it's not a moderate group at all, it's bigger and more representative. So if an outlier candidate like Gingrich actually comes out on top, that's going to matter. A lot. 

Jesse and I will be breathlessly covering the returns tonight, starting at 7PM EST. For obvious reasons, we've decided that we're going to use Twitter for our play-by-play coverage. If you don't follow us, you can follow me here and Jesse here. And let us all pray to the Spaghetti Monster for Newt's eventual victory. 

*Yes, yes, pedants. I know you're gleefully running to your keyboard to say, "NUH-UH. They matter in the DEMOCRATIC primary." Yes, but please stop being so literal. It's clear we're discussing the Republican primary season. And yes, I know some of them are caucuses. Calm down.