Grandpa the psychic spider monkey is bananas for Newt Gingrich.

The New York Daily News' Barry Paddock traveled to the Staten Island Zoo to get Grandpa's prediction for Tuesday's New Hampshire Republican primary.

Grandpa was asked to choose from a series of bananas, each with the name of a GOP candidate.

"He quickly swooped in a devoured the Newt Gingrich banana," Paddock reported.

It appeared that the simian was set to pick Jon Huntsman for second place, but then gobbled up former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum's banana instead.

After making a snack out of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Huntsman, Grandpa finally got hungry for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to finish fifth.

University of New Hampshire's final poll before the Tuesday primary has Romney leading Congressman Ron Paul by 24 points.

Watch this video from The New York Daily News, broadcast Jan. 9, 2012.