The group Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) has sent dozens of its members to New Hampshire to question the Republican presidential candidates about their views on medical marijuana and other drug laws, but they have so far failed to get much of a response from former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

At a campaign stop in Bedrock on Monday, a student asked Romney if he thought the drug war was working.

"It's a long question that deserves a full answer, and not just in a photo line like this" he responded. "So come look on my website. You'll see my answer."

But his website makes no mention of the war on drugs, except for the transcript of an speech from October in which he said he would begin talks with Mexico "to strengthen our cooperation on our shared problems of drugs and security."

Last week in Laconia, another student asked Romney if he thought patients that used medical marijuana should be arrested.

He dodged that question with a jumbled answer, stating he was "in favor of having the law not allow illegal marijuana."

Before that, yet another student asked Romney in Peterborough what he thought about industrialized hemp -- low-potency marijuana grown to make textiles and numerous other goods. But Romney did not know what hemp was.

In 2007, Romney stated his position more clearly. While campaigning in New Hampshire, he told a man with muscular dystrophy that medical marijuana should be illegal.

Watch videos, courtesy of SSDP, below: