Multimillionaire Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday claimed he was a regular person who "lived in the real streets of America."

During a CNN-sponsored debate in South Carolina, the former Massachusetts governor said that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's "involvement in Washington is a perfect example of why we need to send to Washington someone who has not lived in Washington, but someone who has lived in the real streets of America, working in the private sector, who's led a business, who started a business, who helped lead the Olympics, who helped lead a state."

"Now, you asked me an entirely different question," Romney paused, pleading with moderator John King to help him remember what he was supposed to be talking about.

"Beats me," Gingrich shrugged. "Where are we at, John?"

Throughout his campaign, Romney, who is worth around $250 million, has made a series of tone-deaf attempts to relate to average Americans.

In June, he told a group of unemployed people in Florida that he was “also unemployed.”

Returning to Florida in September, the candidate claimed that he was part of the middle class.

Romney told a group of workers at a steel plant in November that federal employees made more than he did. He has also said that he knows "what it’s like to worry whether you’re going to get fired."

Unlike many Americans, the former Massachusetts governor has the option of living on the "real streets" at his California beachfront mansion, or one of his homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast Jan. 19, 2012.