Drag superstar and reality TV host RuPaul made an appearance on the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Looking spruce in an ice blue tailored wool coat and studious-looking, horn-rimmed glasses, the nearly seven foot tall "Supermodel" singer was "campaigning" in the state. He announced that his goal is to raise awareness that he is not Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), and that he is not running for president. The latter piece of news was met by the assembled crowd with some disappointment.

The International Man/Woman of Mystery then issued a challenge to Ron Paul and all of the other Republican candidates before reminding the crowd, "You better vote."

As Mediaite says, it really is a shame that Ru will not be appearing in tonight's primary debate. It would certainly liven things up a bit and with Michele Bachmann out of the picture, we believe that tonight's discussion could probably use a lady's perspective.

Watch the video, embedded via YouTube, below:

(hat tip to Mediaite)