The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur said Tuesday evening that President Barack Obama would not change the current state of unlimited money financing American politics.

Uguyr discussed Obama's decision to embrace the super PACs, with guests Ian Millhiser, editor of Think Progress, and Bob Edgar, president of the progressive advocacy group Common Cause.

Despite agreeing with Millhiser on the extra money helping Obama with his re-election campaign, Uguyr shared in Edgar's disappointment over the president's flip-flop.

“He ran his whole campaign on ‘Change!'" he said. "'I’m going to change the way Washington works,’ and then introduced zero pieces of legislation to make that happen, okay.”

"So if I believe President Obama is going to win and then change the system, and say we're going to get rid of the super PACs, I'll do it in a flat second. But the thing is, he's not going to. He didn't do it before and there's no reason to believe him."

Despite his choice to embrace super PACs, which allows unlimited private spending on political advocacy, President Obama also supports a constitutional amendment that would make them illegal.

WATCH: Video from Current TV, which was broadcast on February 7, 2012.