A man going by the name "Charlie McAwesome" made it official Monday night: every remaining Republican presidential frontrunner has been glitter bombed.

At a campaign event in Minneapolis, "McAwesome" doused Texas Congressman Ron Paul with sparkly particles as he was leaving the stage, according to City Pages.

"Housing and healthcare are human rights not privileges!" the protester yelled while tossing the glitter at Paul.

"I just glitter bombed ron paul at the mpls convention center!" McAwesome later wrote on his Facebook page. "Ron Paul is now as fabulous as the rest of us."

Current GOP candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have all been glitter bombed in the last year. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (and her husband's clinic) also got a glitter shower before she dropped out of the race.

Watch this video from YouTube user killerduckboy3, uploaded Feb. 6, 2012.