A pastor who claims to be a "former homosexual" says that sex columnist Dan Savage should be arrested for his role in launching an anti-bullying campaign to help young LGBT people.

In a recent interview with Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour host Peter LaBarbera, pastor DL Foster suggested that Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign had actually made LGBT suicides worse.

"It’s really indicative of the character of these individuals, this individual Dan Savage, is also the creator of the so-called anti-bullying It Gets Better charade," Foster said. "You know, homosexual kids are still killing themselves after believing his message."

"I think he—personally—I think he should be arrested for propagating this lie to—for these kids to have this false promise without any sort of information on what is ‘it’ anyway? It’s really so vile to me that it disturbs me to even talk about it," the pastor added.

In his book, "Touching a Dead Man," Foster claims that God cured him of homosexuality in 1990 after 11 years of living as a gay man. He went on to found Gay Christian Movement Watch and Witness for the World Ministries to lead "the way out of homosexuality to holiness."

Listen to this audio from Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour, broadcast Feb. 9, 2012.

(H/T: Right Wing Watch)