One Fox News host believes that the Obama administration's decision to require private health insurance plans to cover contraception for women may actually be a conspiracy to "derail" Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Eric Bolling told his Fox News co-hosts on Wednesday that after seeing former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum's big wins in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, he began to think that something sinister was afoot.

"Can I just throw a conspiracy theory out here?" Bolling asked. "I'm watching it, I saw the win. This morning, I listened to all the talking heads say, 'Oh my gosh, Obama really screwed up here. This is a great opening for conservatives and the right.'"

"Then it dawned on me, what if they were trying to derail this big Romney train that won Florida handily, that won Nevada handily? And they go, 'How are we going to break up this train? How are we going to break the right up?' And they did," he added.

"They did," conservative co-host Andrea Tantaros agreed. "I think they won this fight, Eric. They won this fight. I think they miscalculated this issue but they -- if the Democrats can talk about social issues from now -- gays, gods and guns -- until November, they won this."

"There was somebody on the grassy knoll in Dallas, too," the left-leaning Bob Beckle pointed out, referring to conspiracy theories about the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

"You disagree though?" Bolling asked. "Would it be too crazy?"

"It's hard for me to imagine how you could make that all fit," Beckel explained. "But maybe. Who knows?"

As the liberal watchdog group Media Matters has noted, Bolling has a history of conspiracy theories, from President Barack Obama's birth certificate to the Gulf oil spill to the Palestinian bid for statehood.

Watch this video from Fox News' The Five, broadcast Feb. 8, 2012

(H/T: Media Matters)