On his show Wednesday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart lampooned Republican politicians who demonized President Barack Obama in 2008 as a radical socialist who was weak on terrorism.

He noted Obama had failed to live up to many of the campaign promises that his opponents made for him, like "completely socializing" the economy, letting radical Islamists dance in the streets, taking away Americans right to bear arms, and "eliminate freedom of speech" for radio show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

"That was all in 2008, there was a lot of fear-mongering and doom-saying, but by now we have pretty much seen Obama's first term," Stewart said. "It looks like conservatives got a little bit kicked in the crystal balls on this one."

"You might not be thrilled with Obama's results, but clearly he has not been the citizen-disarming al Qaeda-coddling Limbaugh-muzzling catastro-fuck that the Republican sleuth-sayers were saying in 2008. So what do you do in 2012?"

Stewart then played a number of clips of Republican politicians engaging in the same kind of hyperbolic rhetoric they had used in 2008.

“Ya'll have lost your damn mind," he said. "If Obama hasn’t been able to pull any of that shit off during the first term of his presidency, what is he waiting for?"

It turns out, Obama's whole first term was just laying the trap.

Watch videos, via Comedy Central, below: