Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas expressed his pleasure Friday evening on Countdown over the White House's "compromise" on access to contraceptive services.

"We’ve been so conditioned the last couple of years to expect cave-in after cave-in from the Obama administration," he said. "So it’s actually quite refreshing to see an actual compromise that is a real compromise."

Moulitsas offered a different perspective to fill-in host Sam Seder from the Beltway opinion that Obama had backtracked on the issue.

"He (Obama) did not surrender on any core principles. Women can get the care and services that they deserve. And the concerns of the religious community were completely managed and dealt with. So this is actually the perfect resolution to this issue. Now Republicans they don't like it because they've lost a talking point. But actually Obama brought it this time. This was a real home run."

WATCH: Video from Current TV, which was broadcast on February 10, 2012.