A slip of the tongue by one BBC meteorologist may have left viewers wondering exactly how to dress for the weather he was predicting.

"It is simply a lovely winter's day tomorrow, buckets loads of cunt, er, sunshine across central and eastern ares," weatherman Alex Deakin informed British viewers on Saturday, according to Daily Mail.

Deakin, who has been forecasting the weather on BBC for five years, acknowledge the mistake on Twitter.

"I think the less said the better about that last broadcast," he tweeted.

"Did you say a naughty word?" BBC journalist Fay Harland asked. "Or was it a wardrobe malfunction?"

"[N]ot A naughty word, THE naughty word," Deakin replied.

Deakin certainly isn't the first broadcaster to slip up on the air.

WNYW Ernie Anastos famously told a weatherman to "keep fucking that chicken" in 2009.

Watch this video from BBC, uploaded to YouTube Feb. 18, 2012.