Douglas Kennedy claims that he was only taking his newborn son Bo outside for some fresh air, but in the fracas that ensued, the Fox News reporter and son of Robert and Ethel Kennedy allegedly attacked two nurses and left them injured. He was arrested after the incident, which took place at Northern Winchester Hospital on January 7, and now faces charges of physical harassment and child endangerment.

In the WNBC New York report below (via Atlantic Wire), Kennedy can be seen boarding an elevator with his two-day-old son and arguing with nurses.

In testimony, the nurses said that they were trying to keep Mr. Kennedy from leaving the floor, but that he was "out of control." He is alleged to have twisted one nurse's arm as she attempted to block a doorway, while nurse Carol Luciano claims that Kennedy "raised his right foot and with tremendous force kicked me in the left side of my pelvic area."

An attorney for Kennedy claims that one of the nurses "lunged" at his client in a threatening manner and that the new father was only acting in self defense. The scuffle took place just out of the range of security cameras, but in the available footage, one nurse can be seen falling to the ground. Kennedy himself also fell to the floor while still holding the baby, but both he and the child were unharmed.

Watch the report, via WNBC, below: