LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Republican Mitt Romney won the Nevada presidential caucus with 50 percent of the vote, more than twice his nearest rival Newt Gingrich on 21.1 percent, full results showed Monday.

Texas Representative Ron Paul was a couple of points behind Gingrich at 18.7 percent, followed by religious conservative Rick Santorum, a former US senator from Pennsylvania, with 9.9 percent.

"The Nevada Republican Party congratulates Governor Mitt Romney on his victory as well as the entire field for their participation in the caucuses," said the state's acting party chairman James Smack.

"Republicans in Nevada are moving in the right direction, we continue to register more voters than the Democratic Party, and we are enthusiastic to move forward after our caucuses to beat Barack Obama and build on our GOP victories in 2010," he added in a statement on the state party's Twitter feed.

The win -- with slightly less than the 51.1 percent he earned in 2008 -- was widely expected due to a combination of his well-oiled campaign machine in the western battleground state, and the large Mormon community sharing his faith.

Four years ago, Paul won 13.7 percent in the state, while John McCain -- who went on to become the Republican presidential nominee, but lost to Barack Obama -- came third with 12.7 percent.

The four remaining candidates have been campaigning for the last few days ahead of Tuesday's polls in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.