In Denver, they call Tim Tebow the "Mile High Messiah," but could Americans one day also be calling him president?

Speaking to the Golf Channel's David Feherty on Saturday, the Denver Broncos starting quarterback said that running for office was not out of the question.

"You know for me, it could be something in my future," Tebow explained. "It's something I'll have to think about and if I pray about, you know, I have no idea right now. But possibly."

"It's just a question of names," Feherty said. "We've got Mitt and Newt."

"Do what?" Tebow replied quizzically.

"I mean, why not go with Statler and Waldorf," Feherty joked, referring to two characters from The Muppet Show. "I mean, really. President Tim, that's working for me."

"Who knows what the future holds," Tebow shrugged.

Watch this video from Golf Channel's Feherty Live, broadcast Feb. 4, 2012.