Billionaire reality star Donald Trump says a former Miss Universe's relationship has "no chance" because her boyfriend can't afford his own airplane.

On Sunday night's episode of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, Trump predicted 2008 pageant winner Dayana Mendoza would soon be saying "your fired" to her romantic partner.

"Boyfriends?" Trump asked. "Lots of boyfriends? They lined up around the corner?"

"One boyfriend," Mendoza explained. "His friends, my friends, lots of people came [to raise money for the Wayúu Tayá Foundation]."

"Is your boyfriend rich or not?" Trump wondered.

"No, he’s not rich," the former Miss Universe admitted.

"Okay, he’s got no chance with you," Trump declared.

"He’s rich in his heart!" Mendoza exclaimed.

"He’s got no chance with you I guarantee it," the billionaire insisted. "Does he have an airplane? No. He’s finished."

Mendoza is competing on Celebrity Apprentice to win money for the Latino Commission on AIDS.

Watch this video from NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, broadcast Feb. 19, 2012.

(H/T: Mediaite)