On Saturday morning's edition of MSNBC's "Up with Chris Hayes," host Chris Hayes used his weekly "Now We Know" segment to note the fact that many of the conservative Supreme Court justices appear to be getting their news from right wing blogs.

Referencing remarks by Justice Antonin Scalia regarding the "cornhusker kickback" during public debate of the Affordable Care Act this week, Hayes drew a line connecting the justice to some of the most extreme voices on the far right.

The "cornhusker kickback" is, in Hayes's words, "a bete noire of Michelle Malkin and Red State," a controversial piece of legislation that never even made it into the final bill, but which has been one of the key talking points of the far right's ideological assault on the ACA.

Hayes covers this and other topics, like Romney's car elevator, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL)'s hoodie and more in the video below, embedded via MSNBC:

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