Former Sen. Arlen Specter, a Republican who turned Democrat in 2009, said Wednesday that "cannibals" were devouring lawmakers who did not maintain ideological purity.

"Like cannibals eating their own, that's what's happening in Washington," he said on CBS News. "You had a senator like Bob Bennett, with a 93 percent conservative rating, he cast one vote to support the bail out of the auto industry and he got dumped by the Republican Party."

Specter said the same thing happened on the Democratic side with now Independent Sen. Joe Liebermann.

"The cannibals have taken over and it has produced a gridlocked Senate and a dysfunctional government," he added.

Specter said politicians no longer care about governing. Instead, they only care about was winning elections.

He claimed even the Supreme Court had become ideological, citing their controversial 2010 ruling in Citizens United.

Watch video, courtesy of CBS News, below: