Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger received at least 250 more votes in the Puerto Rico Republican primary on Sunday than Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

“We spent the past 6 days campaigning hard in Puerto Rico and it worked. Ron Paul has been in all 20 debates, raised $35 million, and has 80% name identification and it looks like we beat him with our message of jobs now, moderation and inclusion,” the long-shot candidate said in a statement.

Karger was the first official entrant in the GOP 2012 race, as well as the first openly gay presidential candidate of a major political party. He is also the first Jewish Republican to ever to run for president.

“We met with Republican leaders, students, the LGBT Community and lots of voters over the last six days and we ran our Spanish-language commercial, 'Hola Puerto Rico' on television leading up to Sunday’s primary," he explained.

"On Saturday we even went all over San Juan in a traditional campaign Sound Truck with a group of volunteers. We met lots of voters and gave away lots of Fred Frisbees.”

Paul did not campaign in Puerto Rico.

Despite having a long career as a Republican aide, Karger has also been excluded from nearly all polls of 2012 candidates and televised debates. He has worked as a senior consultant for Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford, but has never held elected office.

Image via Gage Skidmore