A Republican candidate for governor in Montana also turns out to be an expert on "illicit pleasures" like gambling, drugs and prostitution.

In a recent interview, Neil Livingstone, who bills himself as a counterterrorism expert, admitted to The Associated Press that he had been on a yacht where his wife was "the only non-hooker on board."

While mention of that incident was scrubbed from from the biography on his official website, the Montana Cowgirl Blog uncovered a 1997 manual Livingstone wrote to advise business travelers how to solicit prostitutes and find drugs.

The chapter (PDF) on "Adult Entertainment Districts" has recently been passed around among concerned family values Republicans in Montana.

"Never give the hooker your real name," Livingstone writes. "On the one hand, some experts say that you should never take a hooker back to your hotel room or apartment, as this invites trouble. On the other hand, your hotel is the safest place for a tryst."

"Select a high quality brothel," he advises. "Patronizing a high quality, and therefore generally more expensive, brothel or escort service is always preferable to picking up a bar girl or streetwalker."

Other sections warn that "double pleasure can be double trouble" and to avoid "places that charge by the hour."

The guide goes on to give businessmen an education on dealing with illicit drugs while traveling.

"Be aware that drugs in some countries are purer than those in the United States," Livingstone says. "In many countries, especially in Asia, narcotics are not cut as much as they are in the U.S. Thus, doses are much stronger."

"Moreover, if you are visiting a nation in which drugs are plentiful and relatively cheap, resist the temptation to do too much," he adds. "This is a sure formula for disaster."

Speaking to the AP last week, Livingston did not explicitly deny that he had personal experience with prostitution and drugs.

"I am not recommending prostitution to anyone, nor did I say I engaged with prostitutes," he said.

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(H/T: Karl Frisch)