Daily Show host Jon Stewart on Tuesday night took Fox News to task for responding to the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh by claiming he was just a comedian.

"Nobody is hiding behind comedy," he noted. "And there are repercussions for what comedians say. When you’re doing it in a club, there are repercussions, ask Michael Richards, ask Tracy Morgan."

"When you do it on television, there are repercussions, ask me," Stewart joked, playing a clip of Fox News implying he was racist.

"It's not just news networks calling you racist that are the repercussions comedians face at times, it's the letters that they get, many of them handwritten, some of them containing white powder," he added. "You know, when I got into comedy, I didn’t think the white powder I’d be getting was anthrax."

Stewart and Stephen Colbert both received threatening letters containing a white powder in February. The white powder turned out to be harmless.

"Fox, shut the fuck up about how victimized you and you alone are. Nobody cares,” he concluded.

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: