A group of Pennsylvania farmers and land owners who receive royalties from hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking") natural gas wells on their property are not being informed about violations and safety issues on their land, said this report from CNN Money.

Reporter Poppy Harlow traveled to rural Hughesville, Pennsylvania to meet the group of land owners and reveal to them the astonishing number of accidents, "pollution incidents" and other safety violations that have occurred on their land. None of the people leasing land to Expo, the drilling company that owns the wells, had heard of any of the violations at all.

It is unclear whether responsibility for reporting the violations lies with the drilling company or with the Department of Environmental Protection. The information is posted online, but no effort has been made to inform the residents, even though some wells on their property pose risks of fire, explosion or contamination of ground water.

Watch the clip, embedded via CNN Money, below: