Filmmaker (and daughter of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) Alexandra Pelosi traveled to Mississippi at the behest of Real Time with Bill Maher to film voters and get their opinions of the 2012 Republican primary. Before showing the footage, Maher explained to the audience and his panel of guests that the people in the video were not "cherry-picked" and that the intent of the video was not to make fun of anyone.

However, it becomes clear fairly quickly that some of these people are not going to be shortlisted for MacArthur "Genius Grants" any time soon. After the clip, panelists John Hamm from AMC's series Mad Men and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele joked about the number of teeth the interviewees possessed, but otherwise refrained from poking too much fun.

Former SEIU head Andy Stern, however, points out that the Democratic Party has no plans in place or any sort of programs to win over rural and working-class voters, saying, "Democrats have to learn how to speak to people, too."

Watch the video, embedded via Mediaite, below: