Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is warning Democrats not to get too "giddy" over the possibility that Rick Santorum could be the Republican presidential nominee.

During the Super Tuesday primaries, GOP hopeful Mitt Romney failed to deliver a knockout punch to Santorum, who won Oklahoma, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Moore told MSNBC's panel of hosts that if Santorum could pull off a win in Ohio then "this is going to quickly go from dog-on-car to man-on-dog."

Those comments were an apparent comparison between an incident where Romney had forced his Irish Setter Seamus to ride on the roof of his family's station wagon and an interview where Santorum compared homosexuality to bestiality.

"This is the biggest clown show," Moore explained. "Who sat down and told them that, 'Hey, what we got to do is, we have to come out against birth control? We have to come out against something that 99 percent of the population uses?' They would have been better off coming out against meat. There's like 3 percent of the country is vegetarian. They would have only ticked off 97 percent of the country."

"I take this very seriously," he continued. "Santorum somehow -- you know, if he pulls this off. I would not -- the country that elected George W. Bush can elect a Rick Santorum, and everybody should treat that seriously. Santorum will have -- he'll lead a religious crusade, tens of thousands will come out of the woodwork for him. He's a hard worker, he came from nowhere. He came from being a joke on Google to the position he's in tonight where he may beat Mitt Romney in Ohio."

"There’s a tendency to get giddy about how this is going to be a cakewalk for [President Barack] Obama. There’s eight months to go. And did I just say there’s eight months? No! No! No! We have to do this for eight more months?"

In the end, Romney pulled out a win over Santorum in Ohio by just 1 percent.

Watch this video from MSNBC, broadcast March 6, 2012.

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