Former Rep. Mark Neumann (R-WI) has learned the hard way not to bring a pig to a news conference.

Speaking to the Milwaukee Press Club on Monday, Neumann, who is running for Senate, brought out a piglet named named "Mister Favors" to make a point about cutting spending in government.

"I think it draws attention to pork barrel spending and just how much waste there is in the federal government," the Republican candidate explained. "We call him Mr. Favors because when you really look at this pork, it really turns out to be favors to constituents from so many members of congress and it's got to be stopped if we want to fix the problems facing this country."

Just as Neumann was cradling the young hog in his arms, it began to thrash and squeal -- like a pig.

"If you think he's squealing now, wait til you hear him in Washington, D.C. when they start really cutting wasteful government spending," he said before fleeing with the pig around the corner of a building.

Watch this video from WGBA and WITI, uploaded March 20, 2012.

(H/T: Political Wire)