Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's son, Matt, wandered off message in Hawaii on Monday and declared that President Barack Obama was "great."

Late last year, Matt Romney had taken his father's campaign into birther territory by joking that the president might not be a U.S. citizen.

Stumping for his dad in Concord, New Hampshire in December, Matt Romney told a group of senior citizens that the multimillionaire candidate might not release his tax returns until Obama released his birth certificate, a document that was made public long ago.

Matt Romney was careful not to make the same mistake on Monday when he visited Laie, saying that he was now sure that the president was born in Hawaii.

"Yes, I am satisfied, absolutely," he told KITV.

But when asked if he thought Obama was a Christian, the younger Romney declined to comment.

"I'm not here to talk about President Obama. I think he is great," Matt Romney insisted. "I'm here to talk about my dad and what he would bring to the country."

According to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, about 80 percent of the population in Laie is Mormon. The Laie Hawaii Temple is said to be the fifth-oldest Mormon temple worldwide.

Watch this video from KITV, broadcast March 13, 2012.