Texas Rep. Ron Paul warned his fellow Republican presidential candidates on Tuesday that they risked losing to President Barack Obama if they did not reconsider their foreign policy.

"They want more war than Obama," he said on CNBC. "I think Obama wants way too much. He's ready to go into Syria under the U.N. resolutions, flaunting the responsibility to ask Congress."

However, Obama was still "upstaging Republicans" in the public's eye, according to Paul.

"He has once again become the peace candidate, he's won the Nobel prize and at the same time he promotes wars, so he is going to get away with something because right now the Republicans are going to be the war party," Paul explained. "They're going to be the John McCain party and this is the reason that Obama won before."

"I think the Republicans have fallen into the trap because now they're the war party and they support, you know, the Patriot Act, the invasion of our houses, the TSA and all of these things. That's what the young people and independents do not like and I think they're setting the stage for a difficult time in the fall."

Watch video, courtesy of CNBC, below: