Conservative commentator Glenn Beck recently declared that most people were "in bed with absolute evil" because America was becoming a more secular society and getting away from conservative principles taught by the Bible.

In a Thursday segment of the Christian television show Life Today, Beck and a group of panelists explained that many Americans had forgotten that the country's Founders had created a Christian nation.

"One of the problems we have even as Christians is I'll guarantee you most Christians cannot tell you the two parables Jesus taught about capital gains tax, nor can the tell you the four verses in the Bible that condemn the estate tax, nor can they tell you what Jesus said in Matthew 20 about minimum wage," evangelical Christian minister David Martin, who is a former co-chair of the Texas Republican Party, explained. "We let the secular people tell us how economics is supposed to be run. God told us how to run economics."

"Most people don't know they're being used by evil," Beck agreed. "And some are -- some do know. But most people don't have any idea that they are in bed with absolute evil. It's not a Republican-Democrat thing. This is evil that is happening right now. And we have to call evil by its name."

"I really think we are a society globally that is now worshiping Baal," he added, referring to one of many ancient Semitic fertility gods, which Christians consider to be a demon. "We're not doing it consciously, but we are doing it. We're worshiping Baal."

"Jeremiah was dealing with the problem of Baal," televangelist host James Robison noted. "And they were facing the Babylonian captivity, which we might parallel that to the radical Islam coming in and forcing and imposing and if you don't believe they kill you. And they were actually thinking about, as Jeremiah tells you, about going back to Pharaoh. And in the true sense of the word, we're trying to get government bigger, we're getting a bigger Pharaoh as though it's going to protect us from the Babylonians, from this world power coming to take us over."

Watch to the video below from Life Today, broadcast on April 12, 2012.

(H/T: Right Wing Watch)