In a major speech on Wednesday touting current administration's foreign policy accomplishments, Vice President Joe Biden drew a contrast with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and bragged about President Barack Obama's "big stick."

Speaking to an audience at New York University, Biden recalled that Obama had "made one of the most courageous decisions" he had ever seen a president make by ordering the strike on Osama bin Laden.

"This guy has a got a backbone like a ramrod," the vice president said. "For real. For real. On this gut issue, we know what President Obama did. We can't say for certain what Governor Romney would have done."

"Thanks to President Obama, bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive," Biden continued. "You have to ask yourself had Governor Romney been president, could he have used the same slogan in reverse?"

Biden went on to call on the former Massachusetts governor to "tell the American people" if he wants to launch a war with Iran.

"Folks, loose talk about a war has incredible negative consequences in our efforts to end Iran's nuclear quest," he warned. "This kind of Romney talk is just not smart."

"Now is the time to heed the timeless advice from Teddy Roosevelt: 'Speak softly and carry a big stick.'"

"I promise you, the president has a big stick," Biden added as the audience snickered. "I promise you."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast April 26, 2012.