Convicted sex offender Adam Mabery didn't waste any time getting back into trouble upon his release from prison.  According to Huffington Post, early Monday morning Mabery drunkenly smashed the window of his hotel room in Sherman, Texas, getting cut on head and arm in the process.

Naked, the man then wandered down the street to a nearby Goodwill thrift store, where he broke in and donned a red dress, a hat and high heels before going on a blood-flinging, dancing rampage that has ended up costing the store nearly $30,000.  Much of the incident was caught on security cameras, and footage shows the man alternately dazedly wandering the aisles, then running and dancing wildly as drops of blood spatter everywhere.The manager of the hotel where Mabery was staying contacted police about the broken window.  Officers took the suspect into custody, first taking him to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, then to the Grayson County Jail where he was charged with criminal mischief and burglary as well as failure to register as a sex offender.

Watch the video, embedded via CNN, below: