Stephen Colbert had a field day Monday evening analyzing Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy misquoting President Barack Obama on the campaign trail.

Doocy told Romney in an interview last week that Obama indirectly called him out for being rich. "He said, 'Unlike some people, I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth," Doocy said to Romney.

But Obama did not say the phrase "Unlike some people" in his speech, instead actually saying saying, "Somebody gave me an education, and I wasn't born with a sliver spoon in my mouth." Doocy chose to add "Unlike some people" to Obama's quote.

Doocy's misquote was reported as actual truth in a Washington Post blog post despite linking to a report on the actual Obama speech that had the correct quote.

"I believe that's called picking up a Doocy with your bare hands," Colbert said. "So, he didn't say 'Unlike some people,' unlike some people. But folks, that does not mean it was poor journalism. Doocy was practicing journalism plus, by quoting the subtext. It works like this: 'I don't give out handjobs out in the bus station......unlike some people.'"

Colbert added: "So excellent reporting Steve Doocy, and I know good reporting. I am an independent newsman. Not some smug, self-satisfied brown-noser toting for the Republican establishment.....Unlike some people."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on April 23, 2012.