The right-wing blogger of note, Andrew Brietbart, I thought I'd heard, has apparently written from the Beyond this recent week to make comment that The Raw Story, our hospitable host site, is a "left-wing fever swamp."

But, of course, Andrew Brietbart hasn't written that, because he's up in Heaven. He has better things to do, now, than write about that.

So, then, I was obliged to look all of this up, because part of my task, as I understand it, is to know about these things.

It wasn't Andrew Breitbart, but his website, which he has given to posterity, that applied this "fever swamp" moniker this go-around to The Raw Story.

And it was a writer calling himself John Nolte - who I will hereafter call John "Jacko" Nolte for the purposes of this article - throwing the "fever swamp" barb.

John "Jacko" has called The Raw Story, and Gawker (whatever that is - I think "Jacko" is making that part up) "left-wing fever swamps" because there was speculation on these sites, much to the consternation of "Jacko" "Nick" Nolte, (which I will call him purely for the purposes of this article, alone) that Rick Santorum, Republican U.S. Presidential Primary Election candidate from Pennsylvania, had almost called U.S. actual President Barack Obama from Illinois … a not very nice name. Accidentally - or perhaps, intentionally, in a worst-case scenario.

Which he almost, maybe, did. But Candidate "Rick" Santorum caught himself before whatever it was he almost said actually was actually said. We ought to make that very clear. Except for the first syllable, which really couldn't have been applied to many other words he could have used in that context. Before he said it. The full word. But, trust me, it wasn't very nice, if that's what he almost said. Personally, I'm glad he did catch himself. If that's what he was about to say, that is.

Apparently this "fever swamp "category, which has been widely used on the internet to cast aspersions towards all manner of political groups of many varieties, is intended to be a pejorative.

How could anyone outside of an actual fever swamp actually understand? Raw Story is, indeed, a "fever swamp," or we at Culture Clutch would not have chosen it as our nesting place.

Well, wouldn't you, "Jacko" "Nick" Nolte? I would. Unless you meant "left-wing fever swap," which would make as much sense as calling yourself "Jacko" at this point, and then reminding us your last name is Nolte by using that "Nick" appellation. As if.