Republican strategist Matthew Dowd lashed out Sunday morning on ABC at those who criticized President Barack Obama for the Secret Service prostitution scandal, especially former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

In his usual participation on This Week's roundtable, Dowd was tired of some blaming Obama for the ongoing scandal.

"The hair trigger reaction all of sudden to any scandal, any hint of anything, all of a sudden Sarah Palin blames it on Barack Obama, he's not a competent leader, I just think is totally ridiculous," he said. "The idea that some lower level Secret Service guys perform very badly, and did something very bad, doesn't really say anything to me about the president. You can blame the president for a lot of things, I think that you can't blame him for."

WATCH: Video from ABC, from April 22, 2012. (Highlighted clip from 3:58 to 4:20)

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