On Tuesday night, Daily Show host Jon Stewart took CNN to task for their seemingly endless amount of catchy-sounding but irrelevantly-named segments.

"CNN seems to believe that the key to revitalizing the network is to create branded news segments within the news," he said. "Why are you doing this?"

Stewart noted that most of the segment titles -- like "Street Level" -- had no bearing on the actual content of the segment.

"It's the easiest segment there could be," he joked. "It ain't for people living in those high-rise buildings or for mole people, this is a roundup of shit happening on the street."

However, part of that segment reported on a handicapped woman who went bungee jumping in a wheelchair.

"Did you just throw that into the 'Street Level' segment because you didn't know how else to brand it?" Stewart asked. "How about a segment called 'Holy Shit They're Trying to Kill the Lady in the Wheelchair.'"

He was also quite disappointed that CNN labeled Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as "Today's Rock Star."

“That is fucked up,” Stewart said. “Do you have any idea what a demotion rock star is for Dr. King? Congratulations Dr. King, you’ve earned your seat next to Billy Idol.”

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: