Family Research Council president Tony Perkins voiced his displeasure Monday morning with Just Born, the candy company that makes Mike and Ike candy, for an advertisement that announces the split of the couple.

According to Right Wing Watch, the anti-gay Perkins lamented the PR move by Mike & Ike on a radio bulletin in his latest criticism for those not adhering to the social values he believes in.

"It's just another subtle example of society chipping away at the value of marriage," he said. "And I don't know what's more disturbing--that advertisers think divorce appeals to kids or that sexualizing candy will make people buy more. After a year-long build-up, the company will reveal if the couple reconciles. Until then, look for Mike & Ike to have a distinctly liberal flavor."

Perkins last week blamed the ongoing Secret Service scandal on "open homosexuality in the military."

The ad, released by Just Born on April 4, simply refers to the "split" of the duo, and doesn't make an explicit reference to a romantic relationship.

LISTEN: Audio from Right Wing Watch, from April 21, 2012.