Conservative radio host Matt Barber say that the federal government's requirement that all health insurance cover contraception for women is comparable to Muslim terrorists forcing you to "kill your family."

During a Monday segment on Liberty Counsel's Faith and Freedom radio program, Barber hailed Catholic bishops for taking on President Barack Obama and "his anti-Christian persecution."

In a recent statement likening themselves to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had called for "all the energies the Catholic community can muster" to fight the Obama administration's contraception mandate.

"They are saying, 'President Obama, no, we will not comply with this unconstitutional, immoral mandate,'" Barber explained. "And, again, in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., they're vowing civil disobedience and I say, good for them."

"The administration is not forcing you to just to violate your conscience," co-host Shawn Akers agreed. "It's forcing your to violate the laws of nature and nature's God. It's forcing you to participate, either explicitly or implicitly, in the taking of human life. This is really something that's right out of science fiction novels."

"This is much more than just a violation of conscience," Barber replied. "What's analogous to this is we know that one of the tactics of Muslim terrorists is that they will go into a village - we have seen it in the Sudan and elsewhere - they will take individuals, they will hold a gun or a machete to them and say, 'See that family member of yours, that uncle, that individual, you must kill them or I am going to kill the rest of your family.'"

"This mandate does that," he continued. "It says to the Catholic bishop, it says to the individual Christian, 'You have no choice, you must embrace our post-modern, secularist worldview that says that life is meaningless and the unborn child has no value and you must become complicit in abortion homicide, you must fund, underwrite that slaughter of innocent human beings or you will be penalized under the full weight of government.'"

"That is no different than the Muslim terrorist going into the village, holding the gun to your head and saying, "Kill your family member or you will suffer the full weight of our tyranny.' This is all tyranny; this president is engaging in tyranny."

Watch the video below from Liberty Counsel's Faith and Freedom via Right Wing Watch, broadcast April 30, 2012.

Barber is the vice president of Liberty Counsel, a conservative activist law firm that has ties to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Last year, the group provided to legal advice to Personhood USA's failed attempt in Mississippi to define life as starting at fertilization, which would have outlawed some forms of birth control.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)