Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on Monday said he would continue his run for office even if presumptive nominee Mitt Romney acquires enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

In an interview on CNBC, the Texas congressman was asked if he could still get enough delegates to win the nomination even though he is trailing Romney, 685 to 63.

"Theoretically you can," Paul insisted. "It's not likely, but you can't ever tell. Nobody knew [former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick] Santorum was going to drop out [this month]. But only about a little over half the votes have been counted. When we come up with Texas and California, another third of the votes are yet to be counted so you don't know. But in theory, you can. In practical counting, I think we're very realistic."

"But the one thing that is not practical and is not realistic for the supporters who have encouraged me to do this, would be to say, 'Well, we're in the third lap of a mile race, we're behind. Oh, OK, let's walk off the field.' That's the way they would see that. You don't quit because you happen to be behind. You want to see how you do. And who knows? Maybe somebody will stumble."

Paul added: "If tomorrow Romney had the absolute number, I would continue in a modified way to maximize the number of delegates to go to that convention."

Watch this video from CNBC's Sqauwk Box, broadcast April 23, 2012.

(h/t: National Journal)