Todd Rundgren is one of the more famous American producer/engineers from the golden era of rock and worked in that capacity on a lot of great recordings by a wide variety of acts (like The Psychedelic Furs' "Love My Way") .

"If there's a short-cut I'd have found it, but there's no easy way around it."

So, here's your sermon for today.

It's Todd Rundgren, who spent his very early years in and around Philadelphia, and here he is from the latter half of the 1970s with his band Utopia on the nationally syndicated Mike Douglas program --actually recorded in a TV studio in Philadelphia, itself.

Although most pop-music radio listeners heard a rather different version of this song by a duo named England Dan and John Ford Coley back in 1979, Mr. Rundgren originally wrote and recorded it.

I suppose this is for those of you, out there, who are "hippies" --at least in your hearts.

You can hear his studio version, here. And, since Todd is known for his studio production work, it is quite recommended:

I guess he sings "I can't stay here, anymore" because the person in the song is in a rough place ... Mr. Rundgren is still very much around.