A tourist was recently accosted by a crowd of people in Baltimore, Maryland after they spotted an expensive watch on his wrist, in an incident that was caught on tape and is now receiving national attention.

The assault occurred the morning after St. Patrick's Day, but the victim has not yet been identified by name. Police said he is a 31-year-old man from Arlington, Virginia, and that he escaped the encounter without serious injuries.

In videos published online, filmed after he'd been drinking at several St. Patrick's Day parties, his attackers can be heard jeering as he's knocked to the ground, robbed and stripped of his clothing. Onlookers didn't bother to help either: most just laughed or kept walking.

He reportedly awoke the next day at his hotel without memory of the assault, and soon discovered that he was missing his iPhone, a $1,300 wristwatch, his wallet and his car key.

Police said they have identified at least one suspect in the case so far.

The video below is from CNN, broadcast Tuesday, April 10, 2012.