The Arby's chain of restaurants has apologized for serving a Jackson, Michigan teen a chunk of a human finger in a sandwich earlier this month.

In a letter published by, an Arby's vice president explains that the restaurant "wants to reassure customers that we are committed to providing quality food in a safe and health environment. We are deeply concerned and apologetic to the guest involved in this unfortunate incident."

The restaurant's acknowledgement triggered a follow-up report by The Associated Press on Thursday, with the 14-year-old who received the tainted sandwich saying it almost made him "puke."

The finger piece apparently belonged to an employee who had a mishap with a meat slicing machine. Instead of immediately alerting her coworkers, the employee allegedly left her station to treat the finger. Coworkers unknowingly removed the meat from the slicer and put into a sandwich.

The letter from Arby's vice president John Gray claims the company is conducting an investigation into the incident. Though a police report was filed, authorities said no crime was committed.

Following an investigation by the Jackson County Health Department, the restaurant was cleared of wrongdoing, and Arby's said their franchise restaurant shut down all food production immediately after the finger was discovered and thoroughly sanitized their equipment.


Photo: Flickr user dave_mcmt, Creative Commons licensed.