On Thursday's broadcast of Conan on TBS, the late night host spliced together some video of a recent speech by Vice President Joe Biden, pitching several of his quotes as potential new campaign slogans.

Slogans like: "We can't do it," "Forget about your fu*king dignity," "I don't quite get this" and "I'm so ashamed."

To be fair, earlier this week Conan gave the same treatment to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

His "lousy" slogans included: "I'm out of ideas," "The gals have tops," "I'm over 13 now" and "I met a veterinarian."

Both videos are embedded below.

Joe Biden's new campaign slogans, broadcast May 17, 2012:

More lousy Mitt Romney campaign slogans, broadcast May 16, 2012:


Photo: Screenshot via TeamCoco.com.