Former Headline News (HLN) president Bob Furnad created his own headlines for all the wrong reasons Tuesday morning, when a video surfaced of him putting dog feces into his neighbor's mailbox in Covington, Georgia.

According to ABC's Good Morning America, Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller were "shocked" to find what was in their mailbox last week. When they observed what their security camera revealed to them, they quickly made it publicly known.

"We cannot figure out why he did it," Dameron said. "At this point, we really don't care why he did it. It's just a silly prank you expect from a a teenager."

Furnad, who is 71-years-old and a retired associate professor at the University of Georgia, admitted that he did place his dog's extract into his neighbor's mailbox but did not apologize.

Dameron and Miller said they were unaware of ever having a problem with Furnad, who told The Covington News that he wanted to respond emphatically to years of "malicious rumormongering."

Dameron and Miller declined to sue Furnad, who was fined $185 for littering.

WATCH: Video from ABC, which was broadcast on May 22, 2012.

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