Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said on her Current TV show Tuesday evening that voter suppression efforts across the country could be considered as "treasonous" acts.

Granholm took a swipe at the Republican Party, feeling their push for tougher voter eligibility laws and limiting early voting is an obvious attack on the Democratic party's key base.

"Why do they do this?" Granholm asked. "Seems kind of obvious. When you don't have the winning ideas, you change the rules of the game. And when you can't convince voters that you are the best choice, you restrict their ability to choose."

"Efforts to suppress voting are not just selfish, there not just short-sighted. Voter restriction laws, that lead to an outcome based upon process instead upon merit, might be labeled - and I imagine even by our founding fathers - as treasonous."

In 2011, 37 states instituted or introduced new voter suppression measures . Voter ID laws disproportionally affect people of color, according to a Brennan Center study. A 93-year-old Pennsylvania woman, who said she has voted in every election since 1962, has filed suit against such Voter ID measures.

WATCH: Video from Current TV, which was broadcast on May 22, 2012.