Playboy founder Hugh Hefner continued his recent castigation of Republicans Monday evening and defended himself from critics who say he has exploited women throughout the years.

“I’m on the right side of the sexual revolution too," Hefner told The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur in an interview. "I know what the world was like before Playboy and repression is very hurtful. If we’re not free in or own skins, if we’re not free in our own bedrooms then we’re not free at all.”

Hefner also expressed his delight for voting for President Barack Obama in 2008 but highlighted some areas he was disappointed in with the commander in chief.

"He turned out to be a war president, I wasn't expecting that," he said. " I think we need to get out of the way of a lot of parts of the world that are trying to solve their own problems. And I don't think we help by injecting ourselves into it."

Hefner also thought Obama needed to focus more on jobs hasn't been tough enough on Wall Street bankers.

WATCH: Video from Current TV, which was broadcast on May 7, 2012.